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Making it in the rap game can be hard enough as it is. But making it in the fashion world as well? That can get ugly. Plenty of rap artists have—or attempted to—create their own clothing line. Some brands shift the culture, others just exist within it. Here are some of the most notable fashion brands created by hip-hop artists. JAY-z: Rocawear In 1999, Jay Z was prepping his fourth studio album, Vol. 3… Life and Times of S. Carter he joined forces with Dame Dash, and together they founded Rocawear. The brand was huge in the hip-hop world in...

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This is one of my favorite designs here at Bierbeach. It’s design title is “Trynna Fuck”? My girlfriend actually came up with it. Well not for a design but she always asks me if I’m Trynna fuvk. Like the simplest touch or kiss, Trynna fuvk? click the image below for product page   So I said, you know what. I’m gonna make a design out of this. I then took it to photoshop and sketched it out. The first image was it. The final it.  What a great idea! People are already eating it up. I’m slapping them all over...

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