Personal Review Of Phaley's - Phrequencies

Personal Review Of Phaley's - Phrequencies

I've been following Phaley for a long time now. formerly known as Jonny Monsoon. He's been infiltrating the south Florida music scene for more than a decade now. Always striving to keep up with the ever fast paced entertainment industry. Although i never really had the chance to record music with Phaley, I've always been there for the support. I respect the journey of an individual with a drive. Despite the fact that it way took too long for Phaley to release "Phrequencies". Its out now. I've noticed the change. I noticed the passion.

After all these years of creating, Phaley has worked with a number of artists. Switching his style from the old school pop to hip hop and now to some weird off tuned eccentric sounding pop like most of today's music on the radio. I get it. I guess it comes to a time where you just have to get somewhere with what you have a passion for for years. DO what you love!


Trynna Fvck Collection by Bierbeach

When it comes to feedback and "hey what do you think of my new song", I've always been a harsh critic. My response sounds pretty condemning to some artists but, its really just an opinion. not a fact. I mean, if you "generally speaking" can't take my commentary, then how will you handle the professional industry Bashing you left and right.

Below is my somewhat in depth review of some of the songs that liked.

But first let me just mention that, personally, I think you should listen to the album twice. in the beginning i was kind of disappointed. It sounded like everything else on the radio. the whole tuning thing with the voice thing and all. Then i listened to it again to make sure my opinion stuck. it didn't. I liked it better the second time. it kinda grew on me. I'm not saying its my favorite album of all time but, Just Close your eyes and listen to it. take it in....


Trynna Fuck??

RUNAWAY (something 2 say)

There's actually a few songs that i do like on Phaley's Phrequencies. 1st one being Runaway. Something about the beat captured me from the beginning. The way voice as if slowly fades in and out through a LoFi effect waving in your brain. I like it. Its also driven. When the hi hats hit in the hook it really moves you. You will definitely bop your head. If you don't, then i think your personal brain rhythms are scientifically off. I like how there some melody involved and the occasional quick 4 bar rap verse here and there. And something about really RUNNING AWAY sounds inviting.


There's something about "my innovation" that sounds creatively inviting. His voice is pretty catchy. the title should catch you. Just listen to it. Sounds very dreamy.

Trust issues is another one.

follow the link for some of Phaleys' past popular songs.

Video for Isabella:

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