New York’s Own Bobby Nice! Is Making Noise

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New York’s Own Bobby Nice! Is Making Noise

 New York’s own Bobby Nicee is making noise and is not quieting down anytime soon. After releasing tracks some nice entertainment and coming up from SoundCloud, Bobby Nicee is not stopping anytime soon. His horizons are expanding quickly. After mentioning on Instagram  A feature he has lined up with newcomer to the West Coast Blueface.  Not only that, being in LA might have really opened up some new doors for him. Hanging out with the well known @Smokepurpp and Lil Xan @xanarchy 

Of course the law had to get their hands on him. What could have possibly done? Such an innocent young kid just trying to focus on his career.  Leave the kid alone!  But hey who knows, having that court date might’ve even open up another door for him. A good door. You have to look at things from the bright side. Always! 


 Keep an ear out for his new project releasing soon #BobbyFiles   Along with various singles he has put together like the one below which has been gaining a lot of traction. 

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