Behind the design “Trynna Fuvk” ?

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Behind the design “Trynna Fuvk” ?

This is one of my favorite designs here at Bierbeach. It’s design title is “Trynna Fuck”? My girlfriend actually came up with it. Well not for a design but she always asks me if I’m Trynna fuvk. Like the simplest touch or kiss, Trynna fuvk?

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So I said, you know what. I’m gonna make a design out of this. I then took it to photoshop and sketched it out. The first image was it. The final it.  What a great idea! People are already eating it up. I’m slapping them all over clothing, shoes, backpacks etc. I mean you name it Bierbeach has it. This is the one out of 2 or 3  designs that are not actually created by recycled materials. This is all text form and image form. Unlike my other original designs you will see in further posts those prints or created buy recycled materials turned up cycled sculptures. You’ll also se those in other posts coming. In the meantime peep this lil ad making app Mojo

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